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3 Industry Rooms For professional sound

We have over 30yrs experience in the music business working w/ Sony, RCA, Atlantic, Columbia Records Live Nation. and 100's of Artist. We have experience in Recording, Mixing, Mastering and all genere of Music. We also Offer Marketing and Distribution packages.

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Yellowhouse rooms

5hrs Block Special's


$ 50 PT HDX
  • 5hr Special save $25
  • Apogee Converters
  • Nueman Mic
  • Experience Engineers
  • Covid Clean Room


$ 60 PT HDX
  • 5hr Special save $40
  • Analog/Digital
  • Nueman Mic
  • Spacious Room
  • Covid Clean Room


$ 75 PT HDX
  • 5hr Special save $50
  • Analog/Digital Gear
  • Avalon Mic Pres
  • Mixing Engineer
  • Top of the line Equipment

Engineer Your own sessions Pay 1/2 Price

All Bookings Require a 50% Deposit. If you engineer yourself pay upfront. All Sessions have limited Space if you have more than 5 people  please call 804 728 – 0909 for arrangement.  Appts Only 


Protools Engineers

YH Testimonial

We stay dedicated to the art and giving  you the industry sound heard by millions.

CMG Artist Big Homie G X Fresh Porter recording New single @yellowhousestudio

Finesse 2 Times Recorded vocals @ Yellowhouse Studio 

YH Spotlight

Yellowhouse Partners

We use high graded converters to give you the maximum quality that is heard in the million dollar studios around the world. We have premium outboard gear to give your music life


frequently asked questions

We have a smoke room and its a 25 fee to smoke in the booth

We utilized Pt HD in all the rooms and all have a similar analog digital sound in every room. 

You Have 24 hrs to cancel or reschedule bookings. If you are a no-show u forfeit your Deposit.

Yes We have 3hr block Rates

We ask you to come 15mins before your session and time starts as soon you enter the room.

We ask you to limit your party to 4 people If you have a larger crowd please book studio B it can accommodate up to 5 people

That depends on you and how much time you book. If you book 2 hrs you must allow the engineer enough time to mix.